The Center pursues the objectives of systematic approaches as follows :

  1. To create the legal studies , legal methodology , research and scientific studies related to combating terrorism and extreme phenomena
  2. Develop strategic policies and plans to combat terrorism and extreme phenomena.
  3. To contribute intellectually to the development of a global public opinion on the crimes of international terrorism and to reconstruct the mental and mental image on the fight against terrorism and cooperate in the framework of collective responsibility.

Therefore, we must strive for all the joint efforts politically, socially, security, media and culturally, and hence the importance of establishing this center in particular, and the social and cultural challenges of the peoples of North Africa and the Middle East became  more complex and dangerous

In its field of work, the Center focuses on combating terrorism and extremist ideas on cultural values, objectivity, intellectual neutrality, diversity and integrated cooperation among the countries of the world according to an intermediate method