1. To get rid of the roots of terrorism and combating intellectual, media and electronic extremism and promoting values of tolerance and coexistence among the peoples of the world.
  2. Combating extremist ideas is a collective responsibility of society in all its different categories.
  3. To consolidate Islamic principles and values of the middle and analysis of the activities of extremist thoughts and ways to fight them.
  4. The Center seeks to make the values of tolerance and coexistence culture and methodology taught at all stages of education.
  5. The Center seeks to eliminate the phenomenon of spreading acts of incitement through the media and means of social communication, which are used to promote terrorist attacks, through specialized experts at the  Center, by means  of seminars and courses in coordination with international centers.
  6. The Center seeks to work with the Awqaf and Religious Affairs Authority through organizing awareness seminars and combating extremist ideas
  7. The Center seeks to limit the exploitation of human trafficking and illegal migration by terrorist organizations.
  8. The Center seeks to address the issues of internally displaced persons and internally displaced persons and externally to prevent them from being exploited by terror organizations.
  9. To submit a proposal to amend Law No. (3) for the year 2014 regarding the combating terrorism in coordination with the Committee of Defense and National Security of the Libyan Parliament.
  10. The Libyan Counterterrorism Center, as a Libyan non-governmental organization, seeks to establish a spirit of friendliness and to be far away from extremism locally, regionally and globally.
  11. Establishing an Institute for Studies to combat terrorism and extremist ideas and the issuance of a monthly magazine to counter extremism and the series of books competent in this area.
  12. The Center seeks to documenting all terrorist crimes committed inside the country to assist the competent authorities in prosecuting the perpetrators
  13. Raising citizens’ awareness that terrorism can not be justified under any circumstance or any denominator of any motives and can not be considered an acceptable means to promote customary, political or cultural rights. Terrorism has wide implications at all levels and stands against them through respect for international law and human rights