Objectives of the Center at global level

  • The Center seeks to clarify the Libyan situation concerning its Libyan Arab army warriors in its fight against terrorism.
  • Exchange of information and expertise in the field of studies against terrorist organizations to eliminate terrorism and extremist ideas within the framework of international conventions.
  • International and regional cooperation to monitor the movements of terrorists.
  • The Center seeks to work with regional and international centers in establishing a network of these centers through communication and exchange of information.
  • The Center seeks to respect the principle of sovereignty and independence for every country struggling to protect the homeland and the citizen and preserve human rights.
  • The Center seeks to held an international conference under the supervision of the United Nations in order to unite efforts, define international terrorism and define its components accurately, so that  all parties should strongly  precipitate and   involved as well as to  unite efforts in the fight against terrorism internationally.
  • Seeking and participating internationally to address terrorism with a comprehensive and unified convention that criminalizes all forms of terrorism, confronting terrorists and addressing the factors that provide a fertile environment for terrorism.
  • The Center seeks to clarify that not all Muslims are  terrorists  and that terrorism has no religion, and in return, the attacks of Islamophobia are considered as  a terrorist act.
  • To seek the adoption of the Libyan Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies and the extremist ideas of the United Nations to prepare reports on matters related to counter-terrorism.