About us

The Libyan Counter terrorism Center is an independent Libyan non-governmental organization that does not belong to any political party or movement and does not promote any person or party.

It expresses the will of the Libyan people in rejecting terrorism. The Center consists of the Libyan people from elites, experts, legislators,  people of law, security and religion  persons, who are specialized  in counter terrorism , and those Libyans joined by  their choice to work for global peace, combating terrorism and destructive phenomena throughout  the objectives that comply with international and regional conventions and treaties and local laws.

The Center was officially established on 11 June 201, Especially since existing methods and strategies can no longer limit the spread of international terrorist crimes, In view of the successive developments in the expansion of terrorism of all kinds and manifestations across the countries of the world, especially North Africa and the Middle East, as the idea of combating terrorism and undermine its foundations must be cooperated within the framework of collective responsibility and solidarity of States and institutions.

So, it was our responsibility to pay all our efforts : politically, socially, security, media and culturally.

Therefore, the importance of this center has become apparent, especially since the social and cultural challenges facing the peoples of the region are more complex and dangerous than before. In its work to combat terrorism and extremist ideas, the Center relies on the values of transparency among countries all the world according to international standards and methodology.